Trading at the expense of the company without the possibility to lose!

07 November 2018

How it works?

You create a trading account type "Classic" in the amount of not less than$100. We duplicate it in the form of a demo account. After making trades if a profit, it will be real money in Your wallet, and if a loss, then You have nothing to lose, and the company absolutely nothing withdraws. Your created live account remains intact and in full until the bonus terms are completed.


- created a trading account "Classic" at least$100;

- to transfer profits from the demo account to the Wallet, you need to make a trading volume of at least 200 lots;

- the amount and number of created real accounts and duplicated in the form of demo accounts is unlimited;

- it is possible to replenish the created trading account and, accordingly, increase the demo account for trading;

- withdrawal of funds on the created trading account is frozen for the time of trading on a demo account. Trading time is a mandatory volume of operations of 200 lots;

- when fixing losses on a demo account, the company does not write off anything;

- when fixing profits on a demo account, it is sent to"My Wallet".

How to use?

Create a real trading account type "Classic" in the amount of not less than$ 100 and enter in this field its number! Within 24 hours we will duplicate the amount to a demo account, and you can start trading!